Little Juan and Maria Consuella Tequilla Chiquita in El Nombre (TV series), The Great Bank Robbery

Little Juan is a resident of Santa Flamingo, sidekick of El Nombre, good friend of The Consuela Tequilla Chiquita Family and owner of Tanto the Tarantula.

He is 6 years old, and a quick thinker, to get himself out of trouble (What Ever Happened To Little Juan?). He also likes to eat at Pizza-2-Go, but only sometimes. He lives with his mum who is simply known as "Mama".

Personality Edit

Little Juan is 6 years old, so in the interstitals, that was why he couldn't draw numbers very well. But El Nombre came to the rescue and now he knows how to draw from 1 to 20.

Occasionally, Little Juan delivers pizzas from Pizza-2-Go around Santa Flamingo to make money. He then uses this money to buy ice cream from Senor Gelato's Ice-A Cream-A at the Santa Flamingo Food Court.

Sometimes, Little Juan accompanies El Nombre when Don Fandango is about. On these occasions, he has a rope of his own.

Appearances Edit

Every episode

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