El Nombre is a BBC children's television series based on the El Nombre interstitals on The Really Wild Show, and it first aired on CBBC on 3rd October, 2000, and continued to air until 2006.

Summary Edit

El Nombre is set in the Mexican border town of Santa Flamingo, home of Little Juan, The Consuela Tequilla Chiquita Family, Tanto the Tarantula, Senor Gelato, Leonardo De Sombrero, Senor Calculo, Senor Loco and Don Fandango the bandit. But on the outskirts of Santa Flamingo is El Nombre's secret underground home.

Whenever he is needed, he takes to the skies on his rope via a sombrero hook which goes high to the roof of his home. This is never seen in the show, but it is in the comic book adaptions.

Song Edit

Holding Out For a Hero - Bonnie Tyler

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